Who are we ?

“We must give account of the past to the future “

“The past is a part within ourselves, maybe the most essential one. The flow that carries us, the lifeblood that invigorates us, all of it comes from the past. What’s a tree with no roots? What’s a people with no past? “

Victor Hugo

Our association APPAC, has been working for more than 30 years on the preservation, study and promotion of our local patrimonial heritage. We want to focus on what makes our identity and what enables us to build up new territories for tomorrow.

Our field of action includes different types of audience and helps us raise awareness about our heritage through many activities, such as the publication of books and magazines, guided tours, exhibitions, restoration sites, cultural events…


Our members

Our team gathers more than 90 volunteers and works hand in hand with a full-time employee. Each and every one of us has a common objective to reach: the transmission of our local heritage.

The head board :

  • Éric ARRIBARD, president
  • Jean Paul LERAY, vice president
  • Michel PAIRÉ, vice president
  • Vincent DERRIEN, Treasurer
  • Fabienne PISIGOT, deputy treasurer
  • Isabelle COULOMB, secretary
  • Jules FERRON, deputy secretary

Other members of the board

  • Ange GABLIN
  • Christine NOUZARÈDE
  • Jannick NICOLE
  • Marie PRUNIER
  • Michelle BEAUFILS
  • Michel BOBON
  • Pierre MASSON, member by right
  • Xavier SAINT-MLEUX, member by right