The feodal clod of the castel

Before we pass on …

… it is essential we become aware

Marcillé-Raoul is famous for its double and quite well-preserved feodal clod called the Chastel. Even though the clod is almost hidden under heavy vegetation, it is still an important historical spot around Fougères, linked with the famous baron Raoul III of Fougères. 

The APPAC has always been interested in this clod for the touristic and economic potential it beholds. Now that it belongs to the municipality, a new ambitious project of mid- and long-term perspective for the clod is being carried out by the APPAC and based on the support of local actors (inhabitants, councilors, specialists, schools…).

The project shall be divided into several steps:

  1. First, the site of the clod is being cleaned from its dense vegetation to have an easier access to it and to allow interventions from specialists
  2. Then archeologists from authorized services give a first diagnosis. Topographical and stratigraphic plans are established. The new data is being treated to be exploited. All along the process, the population is being kept informed about new information.
  3. An action plan is proposed in order to valorize the site, as well as a virtual or augmented reality system.

The new site will then reveal its secrets to locals, visitors, and schools, or to anyone who desires to know more about one of the best-preserved clod we have.