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« Apéros patrimoine »

Local Heritage and Windmill Day

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Punctual Interventions


The APPAC has been hosting many exhibitions since its creation; they are an important part of our program as they promote the cultural heritage of the municipality of Fougères and give life to our most emblematic monuments and places.

However, the APPAC can also create its own exhibitions, as the number of our projects increases but our partners may not be sufficient.

Tours of patrimonial sites

The APPAC offers tours of our local heritage throughout the whole year. According to your needs and demands, these tours can be led by our volunteers and guides for school projects, for individuals or for groups, for punctual or recurring trips.

School interventions

Our headline is to pass on our heritage to younger generations, as they are the main actors contributing to this essential need. Therefore, our association is there to develop school projects and partnerships with teachers willing to integrate students into our educational and fun activities.

This initiation to our heritage goes hand in hand with other activities, such as trips, workshops, guided tours…

« Apéros Patrimoine »

The APPAC has been organizing since 2008, in cooperation with the intercommunal Office of Tourism in Villecartier, some « apéros patrimoine », otherwise known as « aperitifs for our heritage ».

The principle is simple: there are 4 aperitifs organized every summer in the region of Antrain and Bazouges. For each aperitif, a village or a municipality offers a guided tour of their patrimonial goods and historical buildings, following with a tasting of regional products and refreshments.

National Heritage and Windmill Days / « Journées du Patrimoine de Pays et des Moulins »

The national Journées du Patrimoine de Pays et des Moulins are organized every year, and the APPAC has many activities for amateurs or history lovers to allow you to discover this local heritage.

Each year has its own theme, we will keep you updated for this year’s theme.

European Heritage Days / « Journées Européennes du Patrimoine »

The Journées européennes du patrimoine are held once a year around the country, but are also celebrated and established in more than 50 countries. They have been inspired by the Open Days created in 1984 by the Ministry of Culture, whose goal was to give access and offer guided tours of all historical monuments and sites.

The APPAC also contributes to this event by sharing the history of our monuments and opening the doors of usually private sites. This year 2019, the European Heritage Days will be held from the 21st to the 22nd of September.

Punctual Interventions

The APPAC organizes and helps with the organization of punctual events, in order to highlight our territory and let people know about us. You will therefore be able to meet us to numerous associative meetups and gatherings, as well as some fora. We will gladly chat with you and would love to help you!