Before we pass on… 

… It is essential we preserve

For several
months, the APPAC and the city council of Antrain are working on a project to
revitalize the centre of town.

This project
focuses on the heritage of Antrain and its rehabilitation. It aims to give the
city a touristic dynamic. It is our task to promote the rich heritage of
Antrain (our natural, immaterial and material heritage) and its great potential
due to its position, under the world-wide known Mont Saint-Michel.

The different activities, tours, national days or events that have been taking place in Antrain since 2016 are already a big step in the promotion of Antrain for a label.  

The label would
be the issue of an extended reflection alongside the supervision and support
that are given to restore private monuments. 

As Antrain
belongs to its citizens, numerous actors of the city are welcomed to join us in
this project. We have already received the help of associations, schools,
guestrooms, and locals.

If you also
would like to join this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.